Planning ahead: this weekend’s shopping trip

15 Sep

Speaking of planning ahead from my first blog post, I try to limit our weekly grocery budget to $50-60, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.  What is your weekly grocery budget?  This week I have transitioned to a new job so money is pretty tight as I had a few days off in-between.  Last night, I planned a shopping trip to Rainbow Foods to cover our basic needs. Rainbow has something called “Double Coupon Day” where you can double 5 coupons (up to $1 each) on a $25 purchase. If you’re unfamiliar with using coupons or how I find the deals that I do, you can find a million blogs that offer tips and advice. For Rainbow Foods, I like Pocket Your Dollars and for general money saving tips I like Hip2Save.

Here is a basic plan that I came up with based on the weekly sale and what I have planned for next week (you can find the links for the coupons I used below on Pocket Your Dollars):

Newman’s Pizza (2) @ $3.33 each = $6.66
Minus 2 ($1/1) coupons, doubled
Total = $2.66

Johnsonville cooked chicken brats: $3.50
Minus 1 ($1/1) coupon doubled
Total = $1.50

2 packages of Gold’n Plump Chicken (Buy 1, get 1 free) or $3.29 for both
Minus 1 ($0.75/1) coupon doubled
Total = $1.79

4 Oikos Greek Yogurts, $1 each
Minus 2 ($1/2 coupons – only one will double)
Total = $1

1 block (8 oz cheese) = $1.79
1 gallon milk = $2.29
Carrots = $0.49

Eggs (with in-store coupon) = $0.99

I estimate that my total will be about $13. I will also stop at Aldis to get some filler items like fresh produce, peanuts, beans, potatoes, onions, tuna and frozen berries. That along with what I have on hand should be more than enough to plan meals for next week. I will post a picture of my shopping trip tomorrow and will also post my meal plan for next week since I have some cooking to do tomorrow =)


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