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Planning ahead: this weekend’s shopping trip

15 Sep

Speaking of planning ahead from my first blog post, I try to limit our weekly grocery budget to $50-60, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.  What is your weekly grocery budget?  This week I have transitioned to a new job so money is pretty tight as I had a few days off in-between.  Last night, I planned a shopping trip to Rainbow Foods to cover our basic needs. Rainbow has something called “Double Coupon Day” where you can double 5 coupons (up to $1 each) on a $25 purchase. If you’re unfamiliar with using coupons or how I find the deals that I do, you can find a million blogs that offer tips and advice. For Rainbow Foods, I like Pocket Your Dollars and for general money saving tips I like Hip2Save.

Here is a basic plan that I came up with based on the weekly sale and what I have planned for next week (you can find the links for the coupons I used below on Pocket Your Dollars):

Newman’s Pizza (2) @ $3.33 each = $6.66
Minus 2 ($1/1) coupons, doubled
Total = $2.66

Johnsonville cooked chicken brats: $3.50
Minus 1 ($1/1) coupon doubled
Total = $1.50

2 packages of Gold’n Plump Chicken (Buy 1, get 1 free) or $3.29 for both
Minus 1 ($0.75/1) coupon doubled
Total = $1.79

4 Oikos Greek Yogurts, $1 each
Minus 2 ($1/2 coupons – only one will double)
Total = $1

1 block (8 oz cheese) = $1.79
1 gallon milk = $2.29
Carrots = $0.49

Eggs (with in-store coupon) = $0.99

I estimate that my total will be about $13. I will also stop at Aldis to get some filler items like fresh produce, peanuts, beans, potatoes, onions, tuna and frozen berries. That along with what I have on hand should be more than enough to plan meals for next week. I will post a picture of my shopping trip tomorrow and will also post my meal plan for next week since I have some cooking to do tomorrow =)


Welcome to my blog

15 Sep

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my blog, livinglifefrugally, where I plan on giving you tips on how to keep more money in your wallet.

Here is my first tip: plan ahead! Whether you plan ahead by making all of your meals for the week over the weekend or pack your lunch for work every day, you are already saving money! Happy savings!